Reclaim Your Voice

Reclaim Your Voice

Reclaim Your Voice
Who doesn’t want to feel confident enough to belt out a good song or two?
I struggle a bit with performance anxiety.
Okay a lot. It shows up mostly in my music, and has stopped me playing in groups,
orchestras and teaching, for fear of having to get up there out the front, on stage or even next to someone. It gets in the way of my day job too.

In a bid to stop feeling like a complete iceberg when it comes to playing music and singing, I went along to a Reclaim Your Voice weekend workshop with Nikki Berry and Gary Easterbrook.  You get to learn a lot about singing, but the weekend gives you so much more.
Nikki  and Gary have a way of bringing the group together, to trust and support one another
that is very gentle and genuine but also honest and constructive. Before you know it you are holding a tune and singing in time, and wanting to make music and singing a bigger part of your day to day life.
I was so impressed with the first Reclaim Your Voice  workshop, that I went back for the second course. And that was brilliant too.
An amazing array of people attend these courses and it’s wonderful to meet such a diverse bunch of
people all on similar but different journeys. It’s also very reassuring to know that you aren’t alone in having a fear of singing out, even if you really want to.
check here to see when their next course is.
I wanted to add a quick update … because sometimes you need to let people know that they changed your life.
I did a lot of singing in the car after the first reclaim your voice workshop,
and then I started playing my clarinet and whistle with a lady I met on the course . We played wild gypsy music, she encouraged me to stop hiding behind my music stand, I started learning to play without music. I got it wrong,
but I also got it right sometimes, we had fun and there was tremendous energy.
Then something happened, a particular song that Bea and Mario played together so fantastically, and I wanted to join in. So with no practice, and transposing as I went I did join in, and it sounded amazing and it felt amazing.

And from that moment on I haven’t had the crippling nerves that made my job and playing music such a doubled edged thing. I still get it wrong, but it doesn’t seem to matter as much as the getting it right moments.
So thanks to Nikki and Gary and Beatrice,Mario and Carol my musical world is brighter than ever.
Thanks guys.

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