The original selfie?

Alfred Stieglitz





The quote is ironic as Alfred  Stieglitz was instrumental in gaining a place for photography firmly in the American art culture.
He was married to Georgia O’Keeffe….
The most expensive photograph by Steiglitz, a palladium print of Georgia O’Keeffe (Hands) (1919), was auctioned for a massive $1.47 million in February 2006. On the same day, Georgia O’Keeffe Nude (1919), was auctioned for $1.36 million.



Virtual Reality Art

An article posted on ARTNEWS that explores the use of Oculus VR in art

This is an intriguing direction and I wonder how it fits into
the post internet art discussion,  also love the way new technologies are forever pushing
the possibility line further and further to infinity.
So far I’m up to experimenting with GoPro  but its a start.