Interesting Art Links

Need to go down a rabbit hole of art stuff?

This is one of my  favorite  paintings ever,
and recently I was sent this link to
New Zealand On Screen –  Profiles – Philp Clairmont

philip clairmont the scared couch

Philip Clairmont the scarred couch

zina nicole lahr
Zina Nicole Lahr –  Creative compulsive disorder
Zandra Rhodes how to use a sketch book

Art Books
Art Movies

Art of Noise Colour Explosions
What music looks like in paint…

Getty Publications Free Virtual art books
I need a long long afternoon to browse this lot…

Art and Music collide in 70 Million by Hold Your Horses
This clip never fails to make me smile

Inspiring Movies for Artists, Designers and Art lovers

I found a link so you can watch Art and Copy online

This is an amazing Pinterest  art collection.
Belonging to NZ  visual art student Marisa Vodanovich. I love it.

Art Reads

Good Art Reads

Here are some good  ART reads.

The Bottichelli  Secret  By Marina Fiorato
The Girl in Hyacynth Blue By Susan Vreeland
The Girl With a Pearl Earing By Tracy Chevalier
The Lady and the Unicorn By Tracy Chevalier
The Creation of Eve By Lynn Cullen
Tulip Fever By Deborah Moggach
As above So Below: A Novel of Peter Bruegel by Rudy Rucker
Sunflowers By Cheramy Bundrick
The Painted Kiss   By Elizabeth Hickney
The Wayward Muse  By Elizabeth  Hickney
The Picture Maker By Penenakeen Spinka
Caravaggio  By Christopher Peachment
The Music Lesson By Katherine Weber
The Passion of Artmissa  By Susan Vreeland
Paint your Wife  By Lloyd Jones
Fugative Blue  By Claire Thomas
The Birth of Venus By  Sarah Dunant

The Artists Way By Julia Cameron
The Resurection of  Philip Clairmont By Martin Edmond (then go here for some PC telly)
Guernica  By Dave Boling
How To Look at a Painting  By Justin Paton
Art Galleries  to Visit in New Zealand  By Denis Robinson
Frida Kahlo Face to Face by Judy Chicago
Through the Flower  By Judy Chicago
Beyond the Flower By Judy Chicago
Seven Days in the the Art World By Sarah Thornton
33 Artists in 3 Acts  By Sarah Thornton
Seeing Ourselves women’s self-portraits  by Frances Borzello
Seraphine Pick by Felicity Milburn & Lara Strongman
The Artists 21 Practitioners in New Zealand Contemporary Art 2013 -2015
New Zealand Portraits by Richard Wolfe

On my yet to read list…..
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Stained Glass Summer by Mindy Hardwick
Diary by Chuck Palahniuk
Paint it Black By Janet Fitch
For the Love of Art By Janet Goodfriend
The Sidewalk Artist By Gina Buonaguro
My Name is Asher Lev By Chaim Potok
What I Loved By Siri Hustvedt
The Wild Wood  By Charles de Lint
The Collector  By John Fowles
The Painter from Shanghai By Jennifer Epstein
The Printmakers Daughter By Katherine Govier
The Tragic Muse By Henry James
My Name is Red By Orhan Pamuk
The Name of the Rose By Umberto Eco
Landscape With Fragmented Figures  By Jeff Vande Zande
The Burnt Orange Heresy By Charles Willeford
The Vivisector By Patrick White
Headlong By Micael Frayn
Spending By Mary Gordon
The Ground is Burning By Samuel Black
The Illuminator By Brenda Rickman Vandress

Jackson Pollock By Evelyn Toynton
Joseph Cornell Master of Dreams by Diane Waldman
Van Gogh’s Women by Derek Fell
Unexpected Journeys The Art and Life of Remedios Varo
Just Kids Pattie Smith

33 Artists in 3 Acts – Sarah Thornton

33 artists in 3 acts Sarah Thornton

This looks like an interesting  read
not all the reviews a glowing, but I’m happy to judge for myself.
Have requested it from the library (they don’t have it yet)
as well as Seven Days in the Art World also by Sarah Thornton

And whether the book has legs or not I win, because Ive just spent an interesting
half a hour down an art hole, which is always good for the soul.
original source


More art reads here

Remedios Varo Embroidering the Earths Mantle

Remedios Varo 1908 – 1968
Remedios Varo, considered one of the greatest surrealist painters of the 20th century,   so obscure to most Americans that when Dr. Alan Friedman, a physicist and director of the New York Hall of Science,came across mention of her in a Thomas Pynchon novel years ago,a colleague assured him that Pynchon had made her up.

Definitely worth  further investigation.

Interesting writings  here and here

And a nice video clip of her work here

A book of her life
Unexpected Journeys: The Art and Life of Remedios Varo by Janet A. Kaplan

-remedios-varo- quote



Art Reading and Viewing for the Holiday Season

The telly programing is rubbish this time of the year,
so it’s a great opportunity to branch out a little and change some habits, our household will be investigating Lightbox and Netflix, and setting up a new
media center with the end goal of ditching our current digital provider.
The holiday season will also bring more time to READ, during the day.

So today’s link is to my Good ART reads list and Art Movies List

We use our local library and its  search and request systems to
get hold of most of the books and DVD’s.

Feel free to comment with your favorite art books and movies