Sand ART

Cleaning my artshed tonight and I found some purple kinetic sand.
Which reminded me that we were inspired sometime over winter by a video we
watched about a professional sand sculpture team. Everything about the show was annoying except that they made the coolest sand scultures using sand, water, formboxes and carving tools.
At the time I wanted to go to the beach and make things out of sand, but the weather was rubbish and we had too many other projects on.

But its summer now – and not only can I go and play in the sand, but other people will be too,
so I get to see what other people make. (we love spotting engineer Dad sand castles)
I did a quick search for NZ sand art and got
Driftwood and Sand competition Hokitika  February 1st 2015
New Zealand Sand castle Competition January 7th 2015 Christchurch

Marcus Winter – sand art performer

Peter Donnelly sand art Christchurch
and I thought I might find some inspiration for my own kinetic sand – if I can get it back off the teenagers.
kinetic sand stamping looks nice…

So remember this summer when you are on the beach slip slop slap and make some sand art.
Build castles, collect shells, drape seaweed, make tracks, and moats and and and…